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Every year when Saintklaas is almost on its doorstep, you will discover that you have no money for gifts and sweets to celebrate this well. If you have children or a large family who come to visit each year with the Saintklaas party on 5 December, then you can’t help but turn out big. But it is also the same song every year that you have to borrow money to pay for all this. How can you easily borrow a small amount of, say, 400 euros to ensure that you can buy groceries and gifts. Read the rest of this article to arrange this without much fuss. Borrow money for Saintklaas

List for yourself what you should buy and how many gifts you should buy. It is also important to start on time, especially if you are going to order Saintklaas purchases online, in this busy period it can take a bit longer before you have everything in and then you have to pack everything as a surprise.

If you have friends or family who also bring children who are still of age when they still sing songs in front of the stove to get the most beautiful gifts, then you will have to do your best extra. If you just do not have enough money to do all this, you can borrow a small amount as an advance on your salary. Think of an amount of up to 1500 euros.

Loan amount Duration Pay APRP * Interest
€ 100 30 days € 101.08 13.99% € 1.08
€ 200 30 days € 202.16 13.99% € 2.16
€ 300 30 days € 303.24 13.99% € 3.24
€ 400 30 days € 404.32 13.99% € 4.32
€ 1000 62 days € 1016.43 13.99% € 16.43
€ 1500 62 days € 1525.11 13.99% € 25.11


Fast direct payday loans, bad credit ok

credit loan

Borrowing the amount you think you need says is fairly simple with direct payday loans even for those who have bad credit. You do not have to sign complicated contracts and you can apply online in 5 minutes, fill in the questionnaire and send it online. Your application will then be reviewed and if you meet the set conditions, this will be approved and deposited into your account the same day (sometimes within 10 minutes). You can pay off the mini loan in 15, 30, 45, or 62 day days, this gives you a little leeway to pay it back after Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


Borrow money without bkr review

Borrow money

If, for whatever reason, you have had a negative BKR registration in the past, then you do not have to worry about applying for a mini loan, as there will be no assessment. The conditions that you must meet for a successful application are a net income of at least 900 euros per month, living in the Netherlands, a Dutch bank account and also a Dutch mobile number as well as an e-mail address. The latter is necessary because the entire request is handled by email and text message. The amounts you can request with a mini loan start at 50 euros with a maximum of 1500 euros. As previously written, with an advance on your salary you can borrow money without BKR.

Loan amount Maximum duration Deadlines maximum
€ 100 15/30 days 1
€ 200 15/30 days 1
€ 300 15/30 days 1
€ 400 30 days 1
€ 500 30/45 days 1
€ 600 45/62 days 2
€ 700 45 days 2
€ 800 45/62 days 2
€ 1000 62 days 2
€ 1100 62 days 2
€ 1200 62 days 2
€ 1300 62 days 2
€ 1400 62 days 2
€ 1500 62 days 2


Who does not know Saintklaas

The charity made a song about it in 1987 with the title “Santa Claus who doesn’t know him”. Actually it is a very old Dutch and Belgian tradition that brings a lot of joy to a lot of children every year, an exciting time because nobody knows in advance whether he or she is eligible for a gift from Saintklaas. If you have been sweet all year round then you do not have to go with you to Spain, but you will be overloaded with gifts and delicacies.